Gnaw (2008) - The Movie

Six buddies holidays in the center of the countryside. The vacation becomes a nightmare once they find their hosts are a family of cannibals by turning their guests put!

Within this shadowy, tongue in cheek, British Horror, six buddies take a holiday in the heart of the English countryside which turns to a culinary nightmare when they find that their hosts are a sadistic family of cannibals, place on turning their visitors in their next meal! It is wonderful to have your buddies.

Six young twenty-something friends escape to the countryside to get a well earned weekend break. Their destination Blackstock Farm. What can be better? A gorgeous farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, infinite woodland walks, mouth watering home cooked meals, all laid and lovingly prepared by the sponsor, the kindly Mrs. Obadiah. But all is not what it seems Lorrie receives a gift but who is this mystery person, and exactly what exactly do they want from Lorrie? When Jill hunts for her lost boyfriend, the dream weekend becomes a nightmare when she discovers a building on the outskirts of this forest which holds a deep dark secret.

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